Responsive web design

Responsive design has rapidly become the standard format to efficiently display a single website on diffrent sized devices.

Layout design and content are manipltlated to deliver an optimum and familar browsing experience for the user depending on the size of the browser. In this way we can customise the user experience for smart phones and tablets, without the associated costs on seperate sites.

We take pride in our ability to build, react, and refine our projects in an agile development environment.


 E-Commerce Shopping Carts


uWebshop is a flexible and powerful e-commerce framework that integrates seamlessly into Umbraco. We helped out in the testing stage of the release and as such are now official development partners.

Because we have complete control from start to checkout we can apply a completely customised responsive solution based on your design style or product range. Visit our portfolio page to see some recent expamples.

Packed with all the features you'd expect from a quality e-commerce platform including:

  • Account login, Order History and delivery status
  • Stock control and management
  • Zoom window for product detail, multiple views/colour thumbail
  • PDF invoicing and HTML order progress and confirmation emails.
  • Set Specials, give discounts, setup loyality vouchers

Your choice of payment providers

We can integrate your shopping cart into your Paypal account or for a more robust solution configure, a PaymentExpress account. Your customers can also have the option to pay by Internet banking as well.


 Custom Web Application Development

Online saves you time and money

Communicating with your clients, collecting information from them, and managing their accounts is better done online. WE are able to take even the most complex business rules and create a web application so you can run your business in the Cloud - access your data from anywhere and never lose it.

When you are ready to utlilsl the effciencies that an online solution offers then drop us an email. We've built an array advanced booking and reservation sytems, bespoke CRM solutions, customised searches and e-commerce solutions.


 Blogs, Galleries, Slideshows and more...

If you've seen a design or piece of functionality on another website thats WOW'ed you - then let us know. We can utlise a range of scripts to give you stunning effects, but requiring a small amount of development time.

and effect Well written targeted and regsularly updated content will rank well in Google.

We have use an array of sliders, rotators, slideshows and galleries to display your photos in the most appropriate way.

Discus - Real time commenting


 Umbraco CMS

Our websites are run on and content managed through Umbraco, a free open source .NET framework.

You'll love the ease of which you can easily add pages of text, images and video content to your website. We love the complete control and scalability it offers - there are no "out of the box" constraints that other CMS's have,

As one of only a handful of certified developers in New Zealand we have a close affilation with the international Umbraco community, regularly attending the annual Umbraco codegarden conference in Copenhagen and contributing to OurUmbraco forums.

Who uses Umbraco?

Some of the biggest companies use Umbraco as their CMS including Mircosoft themselves!


 Statistics & Reporting

Google Analytics is installed as standard on every website we build. Track your visitors click paths as they navigate through your site, find their location and what search keywords they used to find you. Google offers a full reporting suite that can be linked to AdWords campaign for paid advertising.

Understanding your customers more will greatly enhance the usability and ultimate performance of your website.


 API Integration

Take advantage of a range of API's from of the many online services available.

Common examples are Google Mapping, Xero Accounting and Facebook interaction.

Leveraging off these services can drastically reduce development time and cost and offer a rnge of benefits not concieved of until recently.


 Social Media Marketing

Take advantage of social media to spread the word among peer networks. From simple sharing and bookmarking services to embedding widgets and services, we can help you maximise your exposure on the internet.

Our services include but are not limted to:

  • Facebook Like buttons, streaming feeds
  • Twitter Feeds
  • YouTube Channels
  • Instagram Photo Feeds
  • Flickr Photo Galleries

 Email newsletter campaigns

Create and send beautiful email campaigns to your customers.

With custom designed email templates for both desktop and mobile and a intuitive interface to add copy and photos to your email, communicating with your customers has never been easier.

We'll help segment your subscribers and import any existing lists or address books you have into one easily managed place.

Track your campaigns and see how many people open the email and who clicks on what so you can measure it's performance.

With plans to suit all sizes of business, contact us to discuss your next email campaign.


 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are 3 main aspects of SEO that need to combine to give your website good search engine rankings.

  1. Well built and structured HTML5 compliant code
  2. Well written content loaded with relevant keywords and phrases.

Well structured page content, in HTML5 compliant code is the first step in achieving this. Well written content, loaded with relevant keywords and phrases, indexed and submitted as a sitemap for Google engines to follow is the next. Finally keeping content orginal and fresh will complete the magic SEO circle.